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Supplemental Services

Our Add-On Insulation Services

Thermal Barrier Coatings

Thermal Barrier Coatings

  • Fastest of fire code compliant barriers to install.
  • Low cost of installation.
  • Allows for code compliant design options such as open/industrial ceiling designs that are left open and painted.
Reflective Foil Paper

Reflective Foil Paper

  • Saves money on energy.
  • Perfect application for concrete block that is strapped with 3/4” wood straps to receive drywall.
  • Takes advantage of the gap between drywall strapping to add an R4-5 a wall.
  • Low cost!
Attic Insulation Vacuuming Services

Attic Vacuum Services

  • Removes damaged/unwanted attic insulation fast.
  • This is the first step when converting an attic to a conditioned space (re-insulate).
  • Low cost.

Thermal Barrier Coatings

Like most organic compounds, Spray Polyurethane Foam is combustible so the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC) mandates that it be separated from the interior of the structure by a 15 minute thermal barrier or other approved covering. This thermal barrier is a layer of special paint, used to slow down the temperature increase of the spray foam insulation in the event of a fire. It is a measure of protection for the foam as it delays the fire’s ability to reach the foam material.

There are also other materials that satisfy the thermal barrier requirement such as drywall. In other cases, the ceiling is left open, leaving the spray foam exposed. These are the times that a spray thermal barrier is needed. In cases where a traditional covering like drywall is not used, we will work together with local code officials to produce a verifiable plan that satisfies the code. We submit a proposal, install the product, and provide job-site verification.

Thermal Barrier Insulation Services

Reflective Foil Paper

Reflective Foil Paper also sometimes called a Radiant Barrier is another option for adding insulation to wall assemblies. When stapled onto a block wall that has 3/4” furring strips, an R4-5 is achieved. The goal of the aluminum foil faced paper is to reflect heat traveling in the form of radiant waves instead of absorbing it. Basically, this blocks the heat from entering into the air conditioned space of the building.

Common Areas of Use include:

  • Block walls that have strapping
  • Underside of rafters

This barrier will provide you with an increased comfort level and noticeable increase in energy savings.

Radiant Barrier
Reflective Foil Paper Insulation Services

Attic Vacuuming Services

When upgrading or replacing your attic insulation, the old blown in fiberglass or cellulose insulation must be completely removed. Our attic vacuuming service is a convenient add-on service that will get rid of any old, wet, rotting or damaged material, prior to replacing it.

Many times, our Spray Foam Insulation customers choose to have their existing attic insulation vacuumed out and then have the bottom of the roof deck spray foamed to create a conditioned space that stays much cooler than a traditional vented attic. This provides a better environment for your A/C unit and allows it to cool your home more efficiently. In South Florida, this is a common upgrade for home and business owners since it allows you to save even more energy and money since it lengthens the life of the air conditioning unit.

If you’re ready to clean your attic and upgrade your insulation, give us a call!

Attic Vacuuming Services
Vacuuming Attic Insulation

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