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Blown-In Insulation

Affordable Blown In Insulation that Reduces Cooling Costs

The warm and beautiful weather in South Central and Southwestern Florida is ideal for enjoying our breathtaking beaches. However, the combination of heat and humidity will likely cause the temperature inside a home to increase dramatically. Air conditioning is designed to keep a house comfortable, but with the United States Energy Information Administration forecasting an increase in electricity rates over the next two years, it comes at a high cost.

Insulation is a homeowner’s first line of defense against the wrath of Mother Nature. Blown in fiberglass insulation (also known as loose-fill) is an excellent option, and its high return on investment allows it to pay for itself in just a few short years. Though there are a variety of insulation types, fiberglass provides an array of benefits for both pre-existing structures and new construction projects:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced HVAC maintenance expense
  • Lower insulating cost than other options
  • Soundproofing qualities
  • Allergy friendly materials
  • A fast and efficient installation process
The benefits, however, don’t stop there. Our team of highly trained technicians are experts in the industry and will assist a homeowner in understanding why blown-in fiberglass insulation is an excellent choice for homeowners in the Tampa and Sarasota areas.

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Blown in insulation
Lower your energy bills

Save Money by Conserving Energy

The average cost of cooling a home in South Florida is as much as 40% higher than other homes throughout the United States. As a result, a typical monthly energy bill averages $350 and an estimated 27% of each bill is due to the cost of running an air conditioner.

A lack of insulation is certainly one of the biggest causes of utility waste in our tropical climate. For that reason, blown in fiberglass insulation is designed to keep the heat outside where it belongs while also minimizing the total load on your utilities and cost of energy.

Fire Retardant Properties

As homeowners, one of our biggest fears is that a fire will destroy our house and threaten the safety of those inside. Fiberglass blown in insulation works by preventing airflow and is made from recycled glass and sand. These characteristics give it all natural fire retardant properties without the use of dangerous chemical additives.

Creates a Peaceful Environment Inside Your Home

Whether you want to minimize noises from the neighborhood or you are looking to dampen the sounds from the severe South Florida thunderstorms, blown in fiberglass insulation is designed to help. It’s semi-airtight qualities allow it to act as a buffer and will reduce the amount of exterior noise that can be heard while inside. Consequently, this will create a home environment that is not only comfortable but peaceful.

Loose fill attic insulation



What Should I Expect During the Installation Process?

At The Foam Depot, we are committed to providing a streamlined installation process. While the total time required for the project will vary based on the size of the home, most jobs take less than one day to complete. Our team of technicians will set up an insulation blower outside and load it with several bags of loose fiberglass insulation. Another technician on the inside will guide the hose, ensuring complete coverage of the treated area.

Where is Blow Insulation Typically Used?

Attic spaces are at the mercy of Mother Nature and may be as much as 40 degrees hotter than the exterior ambient temperature. Blown in insulation is excellent for this area and is designed to fill in any empty spaces and provide a near airtight seal. While rolls of insulation are typically ideal for use in walls, a loose fill version will conform around any structural elements that may be present.

How Much Does Blown In Insulation Cost?

Fiberglass has been in use for more than 70 years, and it is a much more affordable option when compared to other products like spray foam insulation. The expense of the project depends on the R-value of the insulation selected and the overall size of the insulation installation area. The team of technicians at The Foam Depot is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. We will assist each homeowner in selecting the insulation product that is perfect for their house and budget.

Please see our Cost Comparison Guide for more information on pricing.

How Is The Foam Depot Different?

What makes us at The Foam Depot different than the other guys? The short answer is customer service and a dedication to providing the highest quality products to all of our customers. Though we started as a small operation over 20 years ago, we have grown to become the leading provider of insulation services. No matter how big or small a home or building may be, we will create a customized plan that will help reduce utility expenses and keep a structure safe for years to come.

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